Essential Heart & Soul

Embrace the Light Within

Essential Heart & Soul

Embrace the Light Within

Essential Heart & Soul

Embrace the Light Within


Sacred Space For Her

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I accept my full power.

~Louise Hay~

Soul Full Doula Care

Aligning Heart, Body & Soul

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Peaceful birth happens

with complete surrendering to your full potential

held within.


Sacred Space For Him

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About Me

Shauntahl Belgrave-Albrektsen consciously started developing intuitive gifts and abilities in her 20’s first through learning Reiki. Since she has learned many energy healing modalities such as Kundalini Reiki, Theta Healing® and currently is in the process of completing her Aromatherapy Certification and Generational Healing Certification. Shauntahl also works with expectant parents as their spiritual birthing doula. Shauntahl helps her clients energetically realign with their true selves as to manifest their dreams.


Shauntahl is an incredible healer. She is compassionate and perceptive and is a joy to work with. Awhile back I had a medical issue that could have manifested into a disease. Shauntahl’s soul therapy reversed my condition quickly and I’m happy to state that it is fully gone. I recommend her to everyone!


Shauntahl is a beautiful and loving soul. From the moment you sit down for a session with her, you feel enveloped and supported. Her natural warmth and intuitive gifts are an absolute treat to experience.

Shauntahl was a very supportive, caring, and compassionate doula during my labour experience. Any questions or help I needed I felt like she was attentive to me in a way that was very gentle and friendly. The feeling of being safe during a time of great vulnerability was much appreciated.

Zaleena KahnMother of Two Beautiful Girls

Shauntahl is a gentle and nurturing healer who can easily tap into me and help me connect deeper with myself. She creates a safe and inviting place to bring forward the unresolved issues, and she uses such gentle techniques to heal old wounds. I feel lighter, clearer and have a deeper understand of myself and the world around me after every healing sessions with Shauntahl.

Jennifer FunnellZenJen

Shauntahl’s ability, as a healer, to infuse deep, expansive and radiant love and compassion is incredible. Her aura radiates the perfect loving space to make her client feel comfortable, safe and prepared to heal. Her abilities to visualize and see the deepest block or “stuck” concept is fascinating and when using highest source energy to clear, you can feel the deep & immediate shifts that happen. After each and every session I have received from Shauntahl, I feel like a newer more desirable version of myself. I have an immense amount of gratitude for all she has done to help me in my journey to clarity and alignment. 

If you are looking to lighten your stress-load or something you have been struggling with physically, mentally or spiritually, I highly recommend working with Shauntahl.

Linda BolingerThetaHealing Instructor & Practitioner

Shauntahl is a magical healer and a genuinely caring and compassionate soul. She has helped me move through several blockages that were holding me back from living my best life. In every session, I felt nurtured with maternal care and supported in my journey. I highly recommend her!

Carine SjourianLife Coach & ThetaHealing Practitioner