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Giving birth is the beautiful  initiation from maiden to mother. As we birth our child we rebirth ourselves, much like the caterpillar  rebirths from its cocoon to become a butterfly.

Everything you experience during this sacred journey  is also the experience the spirit of your child experiences within you. Aligning your consciousness with the intentions of what your soul wanted to experience in this journey creates a fulfilling experience that feels sacred as it should be.

When we are encouraged to connect deeply within a whole new self is birthed

What is a Soul’s Spirit Doula?

Traditionally it was common for women to give birth with the support of other women of their community who understood the journey into motherhood.

As your Doula you will be supported emotionally, physically and spiritually through this journey of pregnancy into motherhood. You will learn how to tap into your womb heart wisdom, connect to the spirit of your child and will be provided with resources to support your desires for your journey. As women there are moments in life where we go through major transitions that are initiatory in nature that births a new aspect of us into a new phase of life working together our purpose is to support and nurture the journey your soul desires to have. Pregnancy is the journey and Birth is the initiation into motherhood and birthing of a new you.

Soul’s Spiritl Doula Services are available for all women in Toronto & the GTA area all the way out to Whitby, Oakville, & Newmarket.



In preparation of the big day of meeting your baby we work together to prepare you for the journey ahead. You will learn how to address and resolve fears, connect through meditation with your womb space and the spirit of your baby, and create a birthplan that you’ve envisioned for yourself that resonates with you and your baby.

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I will be with you when labour begins. You will feel supported emotionally & physically in a high vibrational energetic space intentionally set through the different energy modalities of your requested choice.

I will stay by your side as your medically chosen caregivers attend your medical needs.


You will continued to be supported by two post-natal visits with me where any questions or support you feel you need with personal care, baby care, and breastfeeding will be addressed.


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